Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pure Stamina

Anything in life that we put our hands and heart to do requires stamina.  Stamina is something you must work up to BUT an emphasis on the word "work". 

You start off small and the small becomes doable.  Then you push yourself past doable and take on a new level. That level then becomes comfortable until you realize you are ready for much more.  You have built stamina! 

Without stamina we tire out way too soon, we have the focus of a five year old, and our spiritual capacity can accomplish only at the level we are at. 

All good things worth having require physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional energy.....and I'm afraid many just don't want to put the effort out to do so.  Some are operating at the same level they have for months or years and getting the same results.  We find it easier to blame it on our circumstances or the people we are surrounded with than to have courage to make some BOLD moves to another level (ourselves).

Joyce Meyer says, " new levels mean new devils" and I agree.   This new level would require strength and stamina but the good news is YOU COULD GO THERE IF YOU REALLY WANTED TO!  God (and you) know the level you are at and He doesn't expect anything more....until you've built stamina and are ready for the next level.  It's really not that hard but we make it hard because we want to start off as a spiritual superman and if we can't then there is no point in making any effort. Your prayer life should look different today than it did 6 months ago.  Your parenting and marriage should be at a stronger level than it was 3 months ago.  Your conversations  should sound way different today than they did a year ago.....are you getting this?

I want to be like that of the African Dog.  This animal goes after its prey by sheer stamina.  It can run and run until its prey just tires out AND THAT'S HOW he goes for the kill.....Pure Stamina!

The same could be said of you.  You could pray and study and love and encourage and forgive and build up and pray and study and love and encourage and forgive and build up until the enemy just tires out and you get the victory!!!!! The victory is already yours but you have to take it....it's not just going to fall in your lap.

Proverbs 21:22 says,
"A wise man scales the city of the mighty and BRINGS DOWN the trusted stronghold."

It's in you....start today!

Building Stamina,
The Mrs. Pastor


  1. Very good and I thank you that you encourage us along this line, and that you set the example for us.

  2. Love this Sister! I've been thinking about Benaiah today...how he chased a lion into a pit on a snowy day and killed it. (2 Samuel 23:20) Most would have been satisfied to see it in the pit but he stayed with it until his enemy was utterly destroyed! Yes stamina!!! Thank you for sharing. Continuing to pray for you and your family and church family! \m/,