Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happily Ever After

This post will be like the closing ceremony at Disney with fireworks all over the place.  Not because it's so powerful but because I have so much on my heart.  

If you could see me right now, my fist is in the air because I did it....I made it it through (successfully) the last two weeks of school, hosting my family from California in tight quarters, balancing blended family, entertaining (which required decorating), and finally ending with celebrating Morgan's graduation.  And it was good.  I sit here now and smile.  This is one moment of many others that I can describe as a "happily ever after" moment.  Many don't believe in happily ever after.  It's fantasy, not real.  BUT as for me and my house...we do!  We believe it here on earth and in eternity with our heavenly father.  We believe God's word to be true and that "He came to give us life and life abundantly".

We choose to make "happily ever after" moments that make us smile.  Many don't get our family and our Disney moments.  (We often tell our girls not to share because of that reason but sometimes they just can't hold back their happy.)  Our "happily ever after" moments are the special moments that bring out God's love and are engraved in us forever.  

One of those for us is our vacation time.  From the start of our family, we have made family vacation a must.  Every family is different but for us, we chose to live conservativly throughout the year in order to get away in the summer.  The  vacations have evolved over 18 years but have certain elements that are the same.  Each one will have at least one if not all of the pieces: good food, a beach (or some water), disney signature, laughing, pictures, travel time (in the sky or on the road) and great memories!  As a matter of fact, some of the greatest memories have been on our vacation.  That is why we love Disney, but the world sucks the fun out of our "happily ever after" moments.  They say Disney supports things we don't...that they have an agenda.  People...we don't put our faith in a mouse!  Our faith is in Jesus Christ.  We just enjoy a clean, family environment where people are encouraged to smile and laugh.  We enjoy time on the beach to admire God's creation.  We have memorable conversation over great food and entertainment.  

Listen, life is full of evil.  We are surrounded by negative people.  We live in a world that if you smile at someone it makes them uncomfortable and you have an agenda if you want to do something kind for someone.  But here's the's your choice how your moments end.  They can end hopeless or "happily ever after".  

As for me and my family, we live in a world of sin and hurt but we choose to make our moments here count "happily ever after".  

As for eternity, we believe in Jesus Christ.  We have made Him Lord of our lives.  We have asked for His forgiveness.  We grow daily in His word and accept His grace.  Therefore, we really live "Happily Ever After".

p.s. don't suck the fun out of someone's "happily ever after".  Everyone's doesn't look the same.

The Mrs. Pastor

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Reaping

Everyday of our lives we turn the page of our story that is written by God (and ourselves).  My friends, I am about to turn a chapter.  I am close to seeing my oldest leave the nest to know and trust God at a level she has never known before.  I'm not sad because I've taken the advice of a friend a long time ago...."enjoy every stage".  But I am a little emotional because she is, along with my other two girls, my greatest ministry.  Nothing...and I mean NOTHING else matters in this world if my children didn't learn the most of Christ from me and then own it themselves.  Every great work I have done in this world is in vain if I didn't teach my children the value of hard work, respect, and the importance of their fruits being displayed out loud for the world to taste.   If God's word was only text on a page and not applied daily, I failed them.  
     As the days are getting closer to graduation I've had several confirmations from friends regarding Morgan's character.  We have been blessed to raise our girls in one place where hundreds of people have watched and been an influence on them growing up.  Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail giving affirmation to Steve and I of how proud we should be of Morgan.  She works and develops relations with others as "unto the Lord".  
     Now, I'm not an emotional person....but that one got me!  It was directly from God.  Then, as I'm sitting in my peaceful place on the front porch taking it all in, I push "shuffle" on my iPod and what song should come up first?  "Like My Mother Does" by Lauren Alaina.  Ok, now I'm a mess.  
     That moment was a reaping moment.  A moment that was confirmed through scripture in Proverbs 11.  This chapter is a summary of reaping and sowing.  It's our choice of what kind of sowing we do.  

vs. 24: There is one who scatters, yet increases more....
vs. 25: The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself.
vs. 27:  who earnestly seeks good finds favor....
vs. 30: The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life....

     I have to allow God to write her story.  I have been responsible with what God has given me and now I continue to pray and watch it all unfold...and do this all over again next year when Lauren leaves!  

My challenge to you all is to go and scatter good seeds.  If God allows you to be the one to water...then water.  If not, trust God to bring people along to do that.  KEEP SCATTERING GOOD SEEDS!  The reaping is a promise!  

The Mrs. Pastor