Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To please or not to please, that is the question.

Hebrews 13:21

...may he work in us, what is pleasing to him....

The continual effort to make everyone happy can be exhausting and to be honest an unrealistic expectation:

a family sits down for dinner and it's probable someone at the table did not want chicken (or in my house a caserole)

A staff plans for a Christmas party and someone won't be able to make that date.

A church offers activities and it's not enough options for some and too many expectations for others.

The author of Hebrews had to have had this in the back of his mind when he wrote this verse because bottom line it's God and only God we need to please!  If we are in daily fellowship with Him and transforming our minds daily according to His ways, all things will be revealed that are necessary. 

This is a continual work in progress for most of us.  Why? Because we want peace.  However, true peace comes only from our Lord.  It is the Prince of Peace Who will give us wisdom in our daily walk.

Application: May we make every effort to be God pleasers rather than man pleasers.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Storm

I'm writing my second post since I opened the door of possibilities to blogging 8 months ago.  I know when I write this, many eyes will probably not even see it, but that is not the motive of this post.  It actually is an encouragement or a thank you, if you will to a long-time friend (19 years on September 1).

On a side note, I do want to thank my friend, team mate, and professional blogger who had encouraged this "blogging" thing for me some time ago.  She has patiently encouraged me in this and knows this will be a great tool of ministry for me.  She doesn't realize that it's closer to becoming a reality for me.  (I will explain my fears, insecurities, and obstacles in another post.)  I call this post "The Storm" to dovetail with a blog post by my friend, Heather on Heather's Blessed Journey.  Her post to which I am referring is titled "Rising Waters."

As I was wakened at 12:23 a.m. recently by a strong storm, my mind began to think on the spiritual aspect of it. Where did this come from?  How could something feel so scary?  Was this necessary?

I understood that even though I heard this storm, felt it, and even saw it, my house was not the only one in the storm.  I immediately thought of my friend, Heather, and the rising waters that were too close to her home (making a note that I didn't know the situation and didn't need to know.)  My spirit began to pray and intercede (go between) for her family. 

I was reminded of a very dark time for our family five years ago that Heather was a "go-between" for our family to the kingdom of Heaven.  Our oldest entered the trying age of junior high and suddenly hated being a "preacher's kid" even though we had never used that term in our home. 

Where did this come from?  She had a spirit of rebellion (praising God that nothing life-ruining happened).  She just had a bad spirit that caused strife in our home for an entire year.  (I'm not exaggerating here.)

How could something feel so scary in a home that is established on the principles of God?  It was then that Heather, who had grown up in our youth group, gave the most valuable resource to mankind (and us):  her time.  She physically gave her time as she met with our daughter on a regular basis to be her mentor and find opportunities to give wisdom and perspective.  She gave her time spiritually to pray and intercede for us.

I remember a very specific Sunday that I went to the altar feeling so spiritually broken, I just didn't know how to function.  Then I felt her hand on me and her voice crying out to Heaven on my behalf.  That morning, I felt the physical hand of God through Heather.  She was a go-between for me, helping me to realize the turmoil in our home would pass.  And it did!

I woke up the morning after the storm and sat on the front porch to wonder, "was that  storm necessary?"  All I could do was look at the beautiful green grass and the flowers bright and beautiful, watered straight from Heaven.  The storm had passed.

Now my daughter looks forward to graduation this year.  We are all thankful for God's grace through that stormy portion of her life.  Heather was instrumental in that breakthrough and should feel very much a part of Morgan's success when she walks across that stage at graduation.  Heather should know that it was moments like this, so natural for her to give, that have multiplied into blessings in her life today.  God saw that, loved that, and trusted her with so much more. 

Ready for this Journey,
The Mrs. Pastor