Meet the Mrs. Pastor

I am the "Mrs. Pastor".  A dear friend gave me that nickname, and it just stuck with me.  I never wanted to have the label as "pastor's wife" (even though I love my husband and am proud to stand beside him!).  I have my own identity, callings, giftings, and voice.  When I finally realized this, I had purpose. 

My name is Michele and my husband Steve and I have three beautiful girls.  Morgan, my oldest is married and works hard at whatever her hands set out to do. Lauren is an Elementary Education major at Oklahoma State University (our alma mater) and Kinsey just graduated High School and will be with sister at OSU seeking to major in Sports Media.  We are a Disney family....its our happy place.  It was a childhood memory of mine and I wanted it to be for my girls as well.  I also am a second grade teacher and have the awesome opportunity to make the classroom another ministry opportunity.   

We have served in ministry for 25 years.  We started off volunteering in college and were soon called to Coweta Assembly and have been here ever since.  We served as the youth pastors for 15 years, associate pastor for 2 years, and have been the lead pastors for 7 years. 
We have been blessed to have so many people we consider family.  We have been blessed to have  mentored teenagers and then watch them grow into strong adults, couples, and parents.  We have been blessed that our children have been a part of one community their entire school years. 

My giftings: teaching and prayer
My greatest improvement: confident leadership
My favorite involvement: praying over the people
My biggest hangup: talking during service
My enjoyment: reading (the word and novels)
My favorite woman speaker: It's a tie....Pricilla Shirer and Joyce Meyer
My saddest memory: When my husband, Steve, was burned
My greatest wishto leave the greatest spiritual legacy to my girls....and they do the same for their children
My vision: to see a growing, thriving, loving, prospering, spirit-led, hungry-for-the-things-of-God, joyful, positive group of people who are prayed up and excited to be in God's house each time the door is open. 
My dream: to work side by side with my husband full time
My love language: I think I have two: acts of service and time

I'd love to hear from you. 
The Mrs. Pastor


  1. I was wanting to meet the Mrs. Pastor...!?!? I don't see anything...but I am SUPER EXCITED to read this blog!

  2. You can now meet the mrs. pastor :)

  3. HELLO Mrs. Pastor! Loving the update :)