Saturday, March 4, 2017

Just DONT Take a Bite !!!!

Let's go there for a become vulnerable with your emotions. Your heart is a powerful part of your daily living.  It's the source from where our passion and compassion come from.  It moves us and drives us with energy, excitement, and focus. Relationships are built, movements are created, and people are inspired to make incredible changes because the influence of the heart.

 On the opposing side, things can go terribly wrong.  You  are presented with an apple.  This apple is toxic.  It represents everything that wants to block the good plans in store for you.  You are discerning enough that you can feel that something seems sketchy but you are drawn to hold the apple.  Now that you are holding the apple, the emotion is heightened.  Some would say, "There's nothing wrong with holding the apple" and I would have to challenge them and say YES! That means it's one step closer to you taking the bite! 

In the story of Snow White, the beautiful Snow is vulnerable in her emotions and holds the apple.  While she is holding the apple, it gives the enemy time to speak to entice with words that speak to her fleshly man.  You see if the enemy can get to our fleshly man first and that fleshly man is bigger and stronger, he will crush the spirit man!

So Snow HOLDS the apple.  It is placed perfectly in her hands to raise to her lips.  Do you see the ownership here?  The enemy didn't stick that apple in her mouth....SHE RAISED IT TO HER LIPS WITH HER OWN HANDS!   She took the bite!  Then the story reads: (from My Princess Collection Books)

"Something was wrong. I felt dizzy. Then, I couldn't stand and I fell to the floor.  The apple made me fall into a long, deep sleep."

Poison puts you into a long, deep spiritual sleep.  It paralyzes you from progress, from moving forward, to His personal best for your life.  What apple is being placed in front of you at this moment?

The apple of procrastination
The apple of offense
The apple of jealousy
The apple of bitterness
The apple of laziness
The apple of greed
The apple of depression
The apple of irresponsibility
The apple of defensiveness
The apple of being in control
The apple of distrust
The apple of lack of faith
The apple of worry
The apple of self
The apple of anger
The apple of pride
The apple of hidden sin
The apple of insecurity
The apple of negativity
The apple of giving up in your spirit

All of these apples are very real.  His word says:
"They will eat the fruit of their ways and be filled with the fruit of their schemes." Proverbs 1:31

The message reads like this:
"You wanted your own way-now lie in it; Don't you see what happens, you simpletons, you idiots?"

There is no condemnation here. We've all held the fruit.  We've all been enticed and taken action to take a bite and we've all fallen in a long, deep sleep.  BUT THEN

Our Lord, our Savior, our Friend, our Father.....kisses us with a kiss of grace.  He awakens us to true love.  He holds us in His arms and reminds us that His Spirit is inside of all those who believe.  He gently and lovingly corrects and teaches us from His word that is living and active.  He gives us strength to reject holding the apple.  He holds your head up to tell you there is no shame in holding the apple or even taking a bite but He wants you to have a teachable heart and be corrected.  He is the GREAT teacher and has high expectations for His children.  There is no shame in that!

The only eating you need to be doing is from His word!

In His Grace,
The Mrs. Pastor