Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Take the Challenge

The gauntlet is down!  The Mrs. Pastor wants to put a challenge out for the people to accept! 

Challenge: To find something daily to improve your spiritual walk.  To have the courage to see your weakness and find ways to improve it.  FOR ONE MONTH.  They say it takes 30 days to form a habit. 

We all know what we are good at and  continue to be good at it, but what about those things we are not so great at?  You could challenge yourself even further and make this for every area in your life.  We stay away from that because it takes effort, risk, energy, and many times of repetition before greatness is achieved.  We confess the weakness and never grow.

So will our people see a difference in 30 days?  Here are some suggestions:  fasting, praying for others (face to face), write a note, say something encouraging to a stranger, give a gift, give your time, break down a scripture, memorize a scripture, apply the scripture, volunteer, tithe, smile, hug (for those who are difficult to love), say "I love you.", say "I'm sorry.", forgive, think about others for an entire day, and .....must I go on?

You will be surprised to see that your life wasn't the one that saw the biggest change!

Begin today.  Share your story.  See the differnce.  Give God all the glory!

-The Mrs. Pastor

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  1. I find that I don't spend nearly enough time in the Word... so mine will be more studying this month! Challenge accepted!!

    What will you do?