Friday, September 13, 2013

The Impossible



Have you ever been at a place in life where the task in front of you seemed impossible and yet it was handed to you?  Whether it be by God's design or Him allowing it, neither makes it easier. 

Strong faith or newborn faith, they both still feel the pain.  This is where the growth takes place.  Sure it would be easy to hide yourself in a shell, to pull yourself away from the world and just wait...and wait....and wait.  Hoping that you can stick your head up and it will all be gone.

What does the impossible look like?  Hopeless, emotionally draining, personal, defeating, so powerful you catch yourself in what feels like a numb state.  We know of some people who faced what seemed the impossible.  Noah was to build a gigantic boat with trust as his focus.  Jacob was to reunite with a bother he wronged terribly.  Esther was to approach a king to ask to him to save a people he wanted destroyed....knowing it could end in death for her and her people.  And we all know it seemed impossible for a "Gentile" to receive the same grace and salvation as a Jew. 

We must remind ourselves who is the Father of the impossible.  As painful as it can be, the Lord will see you through.  How? LET GO and LET GOD.  We've heard that but what does that mean?  LETTING GO means you put out of your mind how it should all play out.  You don't act and re-act in your humanity (aka the ugly monster)  It means you seek His word and let it change you.

LETTING GOD means your words and actions might even surprise you! (in a good way)  It means He gets the credit for everything (so be careful when people give you a's a dangerous temptation)  Bottom line, God knows the end of the story.  He is the victor!  He is the God of what seems impossible.

I don't want to be like the people in Hosea  10:13   Because you have depended on your own strength and on your many warriors, the roar of battle will rise against your people.

Nothing good comes from your own strength.  You end up still looking at the impossible, believing the lies, and sitting in the pain.  Instead we will be a people who Renew our minds daily and stand on Jesus' words in Matthew 19:26 With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Yes! With God!

The Mrs. Pastor


  1. Such great truth! We wear ourselves out trying so hard to be everything to everyone, when all God really asks is that we just be His. Then HE can be everything to everyone. I constantly remind myself "I'm just the vessel". We take way too much pressure when we feel responsible for the healing, the changes we want to see, the outcome of our prayer, the outcome of our children, marriage, etc. We (the vessel) were CREATED to be dependent on the Creator! We are not flawed--we are like this On Purpose! Once we can really grasp that concept, we can relax, breathe deep and let God do HIS thing. My only real job is to keep my flesh in submission to the Holy Spirit and from there, God's Got This! And even the effort that "job" requires is empowered by the Holy Spirit! So simple, yet so difficult for our humanity, as you said. Thank you for this great post!

  2. So Good!!! I am so glad you are writing this Michele!!! Love you!!!

  3. Great post! I have such a hard time letting Go and letting GOD... it seems so much easier to carry it on my own (NOT!), and it's just so hard to let go! In the big picture though, letting HIM have our lives entirely makes life SO MUCH EASIER!! Easier said than done though.... So glad I have the Holy Spirit helping guide day in and day out!