Friday, October 7, 2016

The Laughing Place

Have you ever walked into a really nice restaurant or a really nice home and something is missing?  You can't put your finger on it, but it just isn't complete.

This is how I've felt lately.  As I evaluate myself during my quiet time, meditating on God's Word, I find something missing.  I pray and seek His face, because I know He already knows the answer, and He is faithful to reveal it to me.....The Laughing Place.  The laughing place is missing. 

The laughing place is that part of your soul,when it hears or sees something funny, you laugh where it just feels so good.  Sometimes even to the point of crying and that REALLY feels good.  This is not man made but orchestrated by God.  He says in His Word:

Proverbs 17:22
" A cheerful heart is good medicine..."

Psalm 126: 2
"Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy..."

I think we all can agree that life can seem heavy:

controversy of the police and race.....HEAVY
the upcoming election.....HEAVY
the weather on the east coast ......HEAVY
the people we know who are hurting and having problems......HEAVY
Health problems......HEAVY
Financial struggle....HEAVY

For me, I have caught myself trying so hard being "excellent in all things" that I've forgotten the most important piece....laughter.  I've made being excellent.....HEAVY.  Laughter was the quality that drew me to my husband when we started dating (besides his charm and good looks).  He was naturally funny and quick witted.  He is that guy they write Hallmark cards after.  So this got me thinking about things that have made me really laugh.

Like the time my husband was a youth pastor.  He came home for lunch and one of the girls put a sticker on his forehead and he forgot about it.  He then went straight to a meeting with the football coaches.  He sat in that entire meeting, with that sticker on his head, and not one coach said anything.  He got in his truck and saw that sticker still on his head.  Seriously....that's funny!

Or even a very recent happening that "my friend" had at her work.  What makes this so funny is that she would be the first to tell you she was last in line to have the funny gene.  Her toilet at her job doesn't have strong flushing power.  On a regular day, the toilet requires two flushes and still will not flush the economy toilet paper.  This bathroom is only used by a few people, so on this particular day she had too much flax seed and chia seed in her yogurt.  She KNEW it would be more than a two flusher.  But to her horror......after flush #4.......#5.....#6......#7.........#8......#9 (at this point she is praying and sweating thinking about the humiliation because remember she doesn't have the funny gene).....#10.......#11.......#12  "SERIOUSLY", she was thinking! ......#14........#15 and she finally gave up.  She had to own up to her colleagues.  She took a situation and just had to laugh, not ignore the elephant in the room, but just laugh.  (for those of you who are wondering, she came to work the next morning and it was a nice shiny, clean toilet with nothing in it) It was a teaching opportunity to teach my friend to lighten up and just laugh!

God wants you to be hard working and purposeful people but He also wants you to laugh.  Laugh at yourself and any opportunity you can to make someone else laugh. A scripture to stand on for the believer, when you are letting things get too heavy:

Isaiah 35: 10
"they will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing (heavy things) will flee away."

It might take the next morning to flee away....but it will!

Go Ahead and Laugh,
The Mrs. Pastor  


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  2. Great words of wisdom. Thankful that we had a weekend full of fun and laughter. Great time with brothers and sisters in Christ.

  3. Great words of wisdom. Thankful that we had a weekend full of fun and laughter. Great time with brothers and sisters in Christ.