Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Environment

Two important and rather fragile gifts that God has given us is the ability to feel and control ( both physically and emotionally).  It really is a massive responsibility but we get to decide how we will handle that role.

You are either functioning as a thermostat or a thermometer.  A thermostat sets the tone of the environment where as a thermometer is reflecting what state the environment is in. 

Problems are real. Conflicts are real. Change is real. Offended spirits are real. Challenges are real.  Life is happening at this very moment and all of these elements are a part of the puzzle.  However,  we decide how that looks for us and the people around us. 

This is not a new concept (really nothing is).  If we will look back at the beginning of time, we will see these same challenges.  We serve a God that is that thoughtful to allow us to learn so many life lessons from those recorded in His word:

When Moses went up to receive and hear from the Lord in creating the Ten commandments, the environment below became toxic.  It represented that of a thermometer gauging the spiritual level and hearts of the people.  Can we find one that changed that tone in the environment? No.

At another time, we see that Moses sent 12 men to do a job.  They were to go to the promised land and report the conditions of the land.  Ten men came back with a report that showed no promise ( and added a little extra opinions) while two of the men saw something very differently.  The Thermostat trumped the thermometer in this case.

God has given us the tools and knowledge to set the tone in an environment.  He recognizes the environmental state is to our daily routine as oxygen is to our body.  We can not separate ourselves from home, at work, at church, in relationships.  Wherever you are, environment is right there with you. 

Three signals that will be the deciding factor in the role you play in your environment:

1. Refreshed or Tired ? (both physically and spiritually)
2. Nourished or Hungry ? (both physically and spiritually)
3. Strength/Stamina or weak/limited ? (both physically and spiritually)

Set the tone,
The Mrs. Pastor

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  1. I love this post- just seeing it today! BUT, it goes along with what I was saying to you today. You have set the tone for your classroom- your class environment is refreshing, nourishing, and strong! I love it!