Sunday, July 27, 2014

Seed Producing

Luke 6:45
"The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good. And the evil man out of the evil in his heart brings forth what is evil.  For his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart."

It's just plain common spiritual law: a human seed produces a human seed, an animal seed produces an animal, an apple seed produces an apple, etc.  This is the case in every area of our lives.  We have a natural term we like to use called "reflection".  What we produce is a reflection of ourselves.  This is something I've found that not everyone agrees with.....especially when it comes to school.

I'm that teacher that has high expectations....I'm that mom who has high expectations.....I'm that Christian who has high expectations (of myself, my girls, and who they choose to allow in their inner circle of relationships).  Sometimes I wish I would just keep my mouth shut and this would be less controversial.  I just believe that we are a reflection of our actions.  As a Christian, you represent the seed that is inside of you...Christ.  But even if you aren't a Christian, your actions still represent who you are!  I tell my students that their work is a reflection of who they are. If you turn in a sloppy paper, this is a reflection that you don't care too much about the paper or the outcome of the grade.  It's called "work ethic".  On the other hand, If I turn in a paper and have given my very best, have proof read it and even went the extra mile to have someone else proof it, this says something about who I am.  Can you believe people are offended by this?

I wonder, do they disagree or just offended?  I can say for me, if my house is a pit and my laundry piled high, this is a reflection that we don't have balance in our lives.  If I get a sunburn, this a reflection of too much sun or not enough sunscreen.

As I ponder on this idea of reflection, seed producing seed, I think on God's wisdom.  The Hebrews believed wisdom not to be so much of knowledge but more of what you do with that knowledge...meaning your actions.   The point of this post is to stress that your actions matter.  Be responsible for what you do.  If you can't see things for what they are, you'll never be at the best place God has prepared for you.  If He can trust you with little, much more will be given to you.

What will you produce this week?  What is that reflection?
The Mrs. Pastor

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