Sunday, November 10, 2013

All I See is a Rock

That's right!  All I see is a rock.  My husband was watching a National Geographic show of people digging up rocks in a desolate area.  I know, why would I stop to even see why this would even interest my husband?  He must have really needed a break from his world!  But now I have this post :)

The Geologist (that will be the name I give him) became very excited as he made a discovery.  He began sweeping the rock, then carefully digging around it.  Then some more sweeping and digging.  Yes, this was time I will never get back.  But in that process, he slowly, and I mean sloowwly, pulled this rock out and couldn't have been more excited.  Seriously, all I saw was a rock.  He took that rock and began to clean it and displayed it's beauty to the camera.  All I saw was a rock.  Then he placed it in a beautiful, clear container and displayed it and I "sort-of" saw it "may-be" sparkle?  But all I still saw was a rock.  Apparently this rock was worth more money than I make in almost two months teaching.  Ok, well....that must be more than a rock!  

How many people, circumstances, situations, challenges, opportunites, cross our paths and all we see is a rock?  What could possible come of this?  How is this even worth my time?  This "rock" will always just be a "rock"! 

May the Lord give us eyes that see like He sees....REALLY!  First, God has to give you perspective.  You must ask Him to reveal all things the way He would have you see.  This will revolutionize our homes, churches, and work places if we can grasp this.  Sometimes you can't see the whole picture because YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE PICTURE.  Maybe the Lord doesn't feel it necessary to share that with you at the moment.  Your job is to sweep and dig, and sweep and dig.  I know, you'd rather watch paint dry but let's remember, "His ways are higher than your ways!"

So, get busy.  Change your heart.  Change your words.  See the rock for more than just a "rock".

Have a blessed week-
The Mrs. Pastor 

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