Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

....on the wall, who's right after all? 
Oh, the god of pride and arrogance that we have bowed down to so many times.  Of coarse you never have....(wink, lips puckered) you are too prideful to admit that. 
As C.S. Lewis called it in his writing of Mere Christianity, "The Great Sin," pride.  The Bible has much to say about this god.  In Proverbs 8, it says He hates pride and arrogance.  In chapter 11, it says "when pride comes, then comes shame."  and in chapter 13 it says "By pride comes nothing but strife."

Now I'm not talking about the pride of hard work and values that we as Americans have showed to be an important part of who we are (but be careful, that in itself can become your god).  I'm talking of good old-fashioned stubborness leading to the arrogance that you are "right".  You are your own god- deciding the judgement and outcome.  God's word is correct in saying "By the mouth of a fool is a rod of pride." chpt 14.
This god of pride wants to build a wall higher than Jericho around you, never allowing for humility to enter.  The reflection in this mirror is self rather than the Holy Spirit.  Pride has a dark side and his name is bonage.  Chains that are shackled so tight, it hurts to move, but to admit that might be painful.  My friend, the more you refuse to bow those chains will break loose as they did for Paul and Silas in prison!
For all of you that are trying to figure out what has happened for me to blog about this, let me put you at ease, it's only the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  Now, I have plenty in my life to show that I've aloud this god to enter my heart and take up residency.  I am strong enough now that I can share that.  It began with the unthinkable, the worst nightmare a child could think of...the robbing of my innocence.  So, the enemy built on that tradgedy (same for whatever your story is) and he introduced the god of pride.

For me, I would do whatever I could not to cry, to show any feeling (good or bad).  To show feeling would make me vulnerable and I vowed never to be vulnerable again.  Can you see the darkness already closing in?  If I felt myself about to cry about anything in life...I would go running (literally) because crying showed weakness and weakness meant I would hurt. 

I can tell you, even as I write this, I'm so glad that I've come so far in keeping this god knocked down in my spiritual boxing ring.  Notice, I didn't say I have mastered this.  I know who I'm dealing with, mr. sneaky pants!  There is a reason scripture says, "pride comes before a fall."  Where this god gets when you really are in the right and pride is so powerful, it won't budge on either side.  This is where you have to surround yourself in God's humility.  Our very Lord had to walk in this humility at a level none will ever relate to.  He was in the right and yet was wronged on so many levels (even in his closest circle).
We need to kill this god.  Refuse to bow to it.  As we do this, we will see freedom.  Let the only thing you see in your mirror be the Holy Spirit at work! 

Lord, set the captives free! 
The Mrs. Pastor